Hi. My name is Chuck Warren and in the Spring of 2019, I decided to sell everything, move on to my 40 foot Sea Ray, and buy a 33-foot Class A motorhome. After a lifetime of living the “accepted” lifestyle, living in a traditional home, working in an office all day, I decided it was time for a change.

Now, I spend the summer season living in a marina at the dock, rocked to sleep by the movement of the waves and taking my house for a cruise to watch the stunning Lake Michigan sunsets.

chuck warren - dock lines and exit signs 2019

Although my ultimate goal is to escape the Michigan winters to warmer latitudes in the RV, for now, I’m happy to hit the road and visit friends and family or go see something new and spend a few days in an RV park.

As a lifelong boater who also worked in the marine industry professionally for more than 25 years, the boating life comes naturally. However, camping and RV’s are the door to a whole new world.

I’ve already learned a lot, but there’s so much more to discover so stick with me as I share my adventures, misadventures, lessons, and discoveries as I learn how to live with less and experience more.

Like the title says, this blog is about Dock Lines and Exit Signs. Cast off and cruise, or take the next off-ramp – either way, new adventures await!