In the Spring of 2019, I chose to make some major life adjustments and moved on to my 1986 Sea Ray 390 Sedan Bridge. I owned the boat for 4 years so there wasn’t much about it that I didn’t know or trust. The boat is more than comfortable, but there were still some transitional issues involved.

Based in Holland, Michigan, the weather is a factor no matter what you live in. Moving on to the boat in April might have been a little premature, especially since I needed to “shovel” a couple of inches of snow off the boat twice before Spring finally settled in.

The chilly weather was also blustery and there were times when the boat rocked and rolled in the slip like a bucking bronco trying to toss a rider off it’s back.

The biggest transition was not adapting to my new home’s fluid foundation, the biggest adjustment was just plain stuff. It’s incredible how much you can accumulate when you have what now seems like unlimited space to fill. I had to think about more than – do I want it? I had to base decisions on do I really need it, and if so – where will I put it?

Once I had paired down with the helo of a major league yard sale, I was able to put the little bit of “Irreplaceable” belongings I didn’t want to part with into a storage unit and pulling the rest onboard the boat with me.

With the addition of a 32-inch TV above the refrigerator, the boat became my own tiny home and life was great.

Next goal for 2019 – an RV. Check out the Blog for more information about the RV purchase process and the rest of the story!